The power of a habit

I believe that we are a product of the habits we form and creating the right habits early on is a great investment for personal growth. I don’t mean that there could be a time when building a new habit would be too late but as an investment, it’s better to start early in our […]

How I work (2018 edition)

If you’re anyone like me who is interested to learn how other developers work and what their work environment looks like then this article might be interesting for you. Seeing Taylor Otwell and others sharing about their work inspired me and I decided to write about how I work too. OfficeI’m a Jersey City, NJ […]

How to price your side-project

Introduction If you had asked me a couple months ago if I could ever write an article about pricing, it probably would have made me laugh. Until a few months agao, I didn’t know anything about product pricing even though I’d launched my first SaaS project. The way I priced my product was by solely relying on […]